Monday, June 26, 2017

KiK Auto Admin

I'm going to show you how to get auto admin on cried kik. now this is the latest version of cried kik and it should work now as you can see I started a group chat with myself because I'm a fucking loner and I cannot at the moment FA a lot of people think that FA is just a myth, they think it does not work they just they think is it's it's like a made-up soy does. it scare people by little you know fucking skit hackers but all you really need to be able to force people to give you admin is modify cry kik.

Now how do you do this all you need is apk editor Pro as you can see here and I'll take you through the steps. so let's get right into it um first you have to select apk and app a PK of course you're going to go ahead down to cry kik go to a full edit. you need the pro version I'm not sure if the the original version lets you edit it completely. I think you need to buy it. you have to go down to files let it load for a bit and you got to click D D EXO Molly. this will give you the the files required that you need to get into, now once that's done.. you can either go in there by hand since I've already done this before.

I know that all you have to do is type in cryo search and you as you see there it just popped up. just open it with the fuck alright. so now we're here and you can see cryo aces. now what you want to do is replace it with your own kid and I'll show you right now, how to get your own JIT. wrong one you have to go to your kikapk.  you can either get a friend to do it. you can do it yourself doesn't really matter let me talk to myself as you can see I already did it before and I'll show you what you can do.

I have to do is do the command symbol and then put in JIT after it and it gives you your JIT. now all I'm going to do is copy and paste that go back to a BK editor Pro goddammit alright and then we just type it in we paste it in don't delete the quotation marks. you need them or else the via the OS running it will not understand what the fuck you're trying to tell it and I'm having some difficulties right now. let me just put this up and I deleted it that's that's amazing a paste and that's it. now you can keep not krile on there. if you want but if you don't want somebody else being able to force admin just take that out and for just safety measures for this video I don't want to fuck it up so I'm just going to put a dot there instead save the file has been saved and that's it. it saved we're done now.

We got to do is click the top button save and it started assembling it and you just got to wait. alright now that it's done all you have to do is hit install and just click install. I ended up having to delete my original cried kik because it would not let me installed an update to it. so what I had to do first is delete the original cried kik and then I installed and everything went fine. so now the moment of truth the moment you've all been waiting for as you can see I am NOT admin. I have I cannot kik anybody I can't do anything now.. I'll go to the my account again I'm not admin I can't change name I can't do anything and now we will press the legendary miss itself fa and I've been promoted to admin and anybody who has your version of crack kik.

you can do this to them and there's another command F e I don't know if there's other commands it makes them leave the group chat hope this article helped you guys...

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